Dynamics CRM Online, a Kinect & Unity

So what do you get if you combine CRM Online, a Kinect and the Unity? Well in this case, a Kinect controlled 3D model of your CRM data! This demo demonstrates how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can be used with the Kinect or, soon to be, a Hololens.

Connecting directly to CRM Online, the demonstration takes a particular account and then searches through the records to find all of the child accounts and contacts. Each child record is then built into a 3D model. Navigating through this model is as easy as ‘pulling’ the camera around.

‘Pulling’ is handled using a Kinect which is tracking the user’s body. When the user raises their right hand, it is displayed on screen. When the user clenches their right hand to ‘grab’, the movement of the hand is used to pull the camera around the model. Moving the hand towards the user, pulls the model closer, moving the clenched hand up, pushes the model up.

This is just one small demonstration of how Dynamics CRM Online can be used in new, exciting ways and the source code is available here: http://1drv.ms/1DCwFis

What new ways of using Dynamics CRM have you built? Let me know in the comments.